Prod.nr.: P/N 40303000

FUGE adds the highest degree of safety and comfort to the astonishing field of vision of SPASCIANI TR 2002 BN mask which is part of it.

FUGE is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus designed for escape (Emergency Escape Breathing Device) that in case of emergency, on demand, delivers an air flow for a minimum guaranteed time of 15 minutes. It is meant to be used in all environments where dangerous situations may occur due to fire fumes or lack of oxygen.

Pressure reducer: piston with compensator
Automatic Demand Valve: with supplementary supply button
Volume/ Working Pressure of Cylinder: 2 l / 300 bar
Air reserve: 552 N litres
Duration: 15 min

TR 2002 BN CL3 mask:
Outer face blank: EPDM
Panoramic Visor: Scratch and solvent resistant polycarbonate
Inner Nose Cup: TPE
Five arm head harness: EPDM
Carrying strap: PVC
Carrying bag: Strong fabric PVC coated
Pressure Reducer: Brass alloy nickel plated
Automatic Demand Valve: Fibre glass reinforced nylon housing
Cylinder: Steel/Composit

Lung governed demand self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus with full face mask
assembly for escape, classified on the basis of a nominal duration of 15 minutes, as specified in the EN 402:2003 standard.

FUGE is a Respiratory Protective Device (RPD) CE certified in accordance with art. 10 of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC; it meets the requirements of the relevant technical standard EN 402:2003.
FUGE is a PED set, CE certified in accordance with PED 97/23/EC Directive.

Store at temperatures between -20 and +50°C and with RH <80%

4,2 Kg approx., complete set with fully charged cylinder